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Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is an academic programme which integrates the field of Computer Engineering and Computer Science. The programme, which emphasises the basics of computer programming and networking, comprises a plethora of topics. The said topics are related to computation, algorithms, programming languages, program design, computer software, computer hardware,etc.

Our institute offers the course at the UG (Undergraduate) and PG (Postgraduate) level where students are awarded B.Tech. and M.Tech. degree respectively. Students pursuing the course will be taught about design, implementation, and management of information system of computer hardware and software.
Computer Science Engineers can find the opportunities in any of the following category Design / Development / Testing/ Maintenance of software in IT industry Networking & Security administrator in IT or any computerized industry..... In addition to that our department offers B. Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as advanced course at UG Level in computer science stream which is creating a big pool of job opportunities in this area.

Mr. G. Uma Mahesh, M.Tech., - HOD-Dept of CSE (AI & ML)

Objectives the Department:

  • Practice and grow as computing professionals, conducting research and/or leading, designing, developing or maintaining projects in various technical areas of computer science.
  • Utilize knowledge and skills in Computer Science effectively for improving the society.
  • Use new technical advancements of Computer Science to produce tangible contributions in the profession.
  • Work productively as successful Computer professionals in diverse career paths including supportive and leadership roles on multidisciplinary teams or be active in higher studies.

Courses offered:

Courses offered
Diploma CSE 60
B.Tech CSE 120
B. Tech. CSM 60
M. Tech. CSE 18
Prices For All Lesson Type
Coures Type Class time Course Duration Price
Applied Psychology 45 minutes 3 years $810
Business Administration (MBA) 45 minutes 2 years $940
Computer Science (BSc) 1 Hours 4 years $1180
Development Studies (MDS) 1 Hours 5 years $1400
Engineering Technology (BSc) 30 minutes 3 years $600
Prices For All Lesson Type
Coures Type Class time Course Duration Price
Applied Psychology 45 minutes 3 years $810
Business Administration (MBA) 45 minutes 2 years $940
Computer Science (BSc) 1 Hours 4 years $1180
Development Studies (MDS) 1 Hours 5 years $1400
Engineering Technology (BSc) 30 minutes 3 years $600


Department of Computer Science & Engineering strives to become a center par excellence for technical education where aspiring students can be transformed into skilled and well-rounded software professionals with strong understanding of fundamentals, a flair for responsible innovation in engineering practical and robust solutions applying the fundamentals, and confidence to meet the challenges in their chosen professional spheres.


Aspire to reach higher quality benchmarks in training students on all skills expected of a computer professional through:

A meticulously planned yet flexible learning process administered: By accomplished teachers who are encouraged to keep in touch with latest developments in their respective areas of interest

With state-of-the-art infrastructure providing a stimulating learning environment. Thorough and compassionate student-centric delivery Continuous assessment of the effectiveness of learning processes through stake holders’ feedback. Continuous fine-tuning aimed at improvement..

Add-on Courses:

The need for add-on courses is to improve the skills and increase the employability of students. At ASTIET, in house training is provided by Industry and Academia experts. Training on specific tools is conducted typically biannually in the college. Certifications are offered to students on Industry related courses at a subsidized cost, apart from encouraging them to take atleast a MOOCs course for self study by the completion of their graduation. Some of the add-on courses offered by the Institution are:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Python Programming
  • R-Programming
  • IoT Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Brain Computing
  • Digital Marketing

Mr. M. Umamahesh:


  • Received Best Paper Award in International level for “An Intelligent Drone for Agriculture Applications with the aid of the MAV Link Protocol” in ICIPDIMS2019 held during 17th-18th May 2019 at NIT Rourkela.
  • Received Best Paper Award in National level for “Influence of Drone Rotors over Droplet Distribution in Precision Agriculture” in Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Innovative Product Design’2020 held during 12th-13th February 2021 at NIT Rourkela.
  • Selected for Junior Research Fellowship at NIT Rourkela for the project “Development of an Intelligent Drone system for Pesticide Spraying Application in Precision Agriculture”.
  • Achieved 92.18% state level score in AUCET 2012 and eligible for State government aid.
  • Selected as an entrepreneur in Technology Innovation and Industry Relations (TIIR) in NIT, Rourkela.


Deepak, B. B. V. L. &Mogili, U. R., (2019), “An Intelligent Pesticide Spraying device for Precision Agriculture” with reference number E-2/496/2019-KOL is available in online. (current status: published)

Book Chapters

Mogili, U. R., & Deepak, B. B. V. L. (2019). Study of Takeoff Constraints for Lifting an Agriculture Pesticide Sprinkling Multi-rotor System. In Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (pp. 203-210). Springer, Singapore.

Mogili, U. R., & Deepak, B. B. V. L. (2020). “An intelligent drone for agriculture applications with the aid of the MAVlink protocol”. In Innovative Product Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (pp. 195-205). Springer, Singapore.


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  • V.L.Sowjanya “ Multi-Level Security for Internet Banking Services ” International journal of advanced research in computer and communication engineering (IJARCCE) ) Volume No.6, Issue No.5, MAY 2017 with ISSN 2278-1021.
  • HoD Contact – 8099388998

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1 Mr. G. Uma Maheswara Rao One day National Workshop on “Big Data Analytics & Cloud Computing" JNTU Kakinada 29-6-2013
2 Mr. G. Uma Maheswara Rao A short term Training program on MATLAB MVGR College of Engineering, Vizianagaram. 30-5-2012 to 2-6-2012
3 Mr. G. Uma Maheswara Rao DST ICPS Sponsored short-term course on “Natural Language Processing” NIT Rourkela 02-12-2019 to 11-12-2019
4 Mr. G. Uma Maheswara Rao “Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Vibration Signal Processing (AITVSP-2019)” NIT Rourkela 9-12-2019 to 13-12-2019

Labs in the Dept:

  • C1 LAB
  • C2 LAB
  • C3 LAB