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Mechanical engineering is evergreen branch, which has multi-dimentional opportunities. It is the branch of engineering concerned with the design, manufacture, installation, and operation of engines and machines and with manufacturing processes. It is particularly concerned with forces and motion. History of Mechanical Engineering dates to ancient Greece, where mechanisms like screw pumps, steam engines, clocks, seismometers, and even differential gears were invented. Chain drives, escarpments, crankshafts, and camshafts date to the middle ages.
Mechanical Engineers have opportunities in various fields which itself shows the all-pervasive branch of engineering. Students of mechanical engineering can aspire to locate themselves in various organisations dealing with Automobile, Design, Manufacturing, Aviation, Defence, Power sector, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Railways, Space, Shipping, Metallurgy, Pharmaceuticals, Mining etc. The students are driven to train in various fields of Mechanical engineering like CAD, CAM, Robotics, Welding, NDT and many other platforms which help them to excel in these fields thus enabling employment opportunities.
The faculty are trained to make the students reach their goals. They incline themselves to constantly upgrade their know- how in the field of engineering. The faculty and students have the habit of regularly publishing papers in journals and present then in conferences. Always the students are upgraded with current technologies through innovative projects. Mr. G. Surya Chandra Swamy.

Mr. AR NAYAK HOD-Dept of Mechanical Engineering

Objectives the Department:

  • To prepare students for successful careers in Indian and multinational industries/companies engaged in thermal systems, manufacturing processes, machine design and the related fields.
  • To develop the ability among students to understand and synthesize data/information and technical concepts for application to product/system/process design.
  • To prepare students to be able to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects involving professional ethics and codes of profe ssional practice.
  • To develop the ability among the students for taking research/teaching assignments.

Courses offered:

Courses offered
Diploma DME 60
B. Tech. B. Tech. 60


The vision of ECE Department is to become pioneer in higher learning and research and to produce creative solution to societal needs.


To provide excellence in education, research and public service.

To provide quality education and to make the students entrepreneur and employable.

Continuous upgradation of techniques for reaching heights of excellence in a global.

Add-on Courses:

We present below a list of popular job-oriented courses in mechanical engineering:

  • Auto CAD
  • Robotics

Books Published:

  • Dr. V. Joshua Jaya Prasad, Lambert Academic Publishing, GMBH&Co.KG, Germany Published in: 2012


International Journals

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  • International Conferences

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  • National Journals

  • Dr. V.Joshua Jaya Prasad, Published a paper entitled “ Analytical case study of success schools project in four mandals of Visakhapatnam district,Andhrapradesh” in National council of educational research and training,Volume 54,Issue no.1 ISSNo:0972-561X,may2017
  • National level Conferences

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Faculty Development Programmes

We present below a list of popular job-oriented courses in mechanical engineering:

  • Attended workshop on Applied Thermodynamics at Laki Reddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering, for one week (Dec,05- 09, 2005). Mylavaram, Krishna(Dist)
  • FDP on Integration of computer based methodologies in Mechanical engineering Systems(ICMMES-09) From 25-5-09 to 6-6-09. MVGR College of Engg. Vizainagaram.
  • Industrial Training programme on “Thermal Power Plant Familarization” from 01-02-12 to 07-2-2012 , at Rosa Power supply company Ltd., Reliance Power Plant. Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Jan,2013 attended for workshop on “Out come based Education” JNTU College of Engineering, Kakinada.
  • 20th Sept, 2013, attended for workshop` User conference on effective utilization of NPTEL courses. IIT Madras 6 22 may 2020-28 May 2020, Attended online one week FDP on “Addtive Manufacturing: The Research Scope & Future Trends” Santhiram Engineering college

Faculty training programmes Attended on “Teaching & Learning process

  • Participated in STTP on Instructional Design and delivery conducted by National Institute of Technical Teachers training and research, Ministry of Human Recourses Development (MHRD), Chennai,from 12-06-2006 to 17-06-2006.
  • Attended for the “High Impact Teaching Skills” training programme 08-12 december,2008 conducted by wipro Mission 10X
  • Attended for the “Excellence in engineering education through Innovation” training programme September02,2010 conducted by wipro Mission 10X
  • Attended for the “Mission10X Learning Approach practitioners Certificate” training programme 8th to 8th &9th February,2010 conducted by wipro Mission 10X
  • Attended for one week F.D.P on “ Role of Teacher in Quality Enhancement & Accreditation” organized by Santhiram Engineering college, Nadyala

Details of workshops attended

  • National Workshop on Computational Methods in Engg. 7 th &8th October,2006 G.M.R.I.T. Rajam
  • National workshop on computer applications in solids, fluids and thermal Sciences 23rd & 24th march 2007 M.V.G.R college of Engineering,Vizianagaram.
  • Alternative fuels of I.C Engines and their impact on Environment 17rd to 21st June 2008 JNTU College of Engineering,Kakinada.
  • Recent Advances in Eco-friendly Lubricants-2010, 08-04-10 to 09-04- 2010. IISC Bangalore
  • Mechanical and Marine Systems Design 28-10-2010 to 30- 10-2010 Dept of Marine Engineering, AU COE, Viskhapatnam
  • Finite volume method in flow and Heat Transfer 18-11-2010 to 20-11 2010 GVP college of Engineering Visakhapatnam.
  • SERC School on combustion in energy sector 7-6-2011 to 11-6- 2011 IIT Bombay
  • “Out come based Education” Jan,2013 JNTU College of Engineering,Kakinada.
  • User conference on effective utilization of NPTEL courses 20th sept, 2013 IIT Madras

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